We offer a daily accounting services, which include:

  • Accounting process in an accounting software/program preparation of monthly declarations and their submission
  • Daily consultations on financial and taxation issues
  • The primary documentation of compliance with the law
  • Preparation of monthly and quarterly financial reports.


Recovery of Accounting Reports


Through recovery of accounting reports, it is possible to check previous mistakes and their appropriate correction. It gives you opportunity to have proper accounting system and solved taxation issues that will minimize risks of interference from taxation authorities’ side and enables you to provide full report of company’s past accounting conditions.


Preparation of annual Declarations


We help companies and individuals, who lack adequate knowledge and experience in various taxation issues and want to have properly prepared the following annual declarations:

  • Profit Declaration
  • Property Declaration
  • Annual Income Declaration


Fulfillment of Chief Accountants Work/Duties


The company may have an accounting department, but it still needs confirmation from professionals side regarding carried out work. Chief Accountants functions include:

  • Control of company’s internal accounting system and related consultations
  • Confirmation of monthly and annual Declarations